About us




I grew up in a small village in Sandoy, Faroe Islands, and as kids we were always playing outside, being creative, building stone caves, homemade rafts, making zip lines, climbing rocks and building dams. And when you are born and raised in the Faroe Islands, you are connected with nature, you have to be, because in the Faroe Islands nature rules.

I’ve been living in Copenhagen for the past 10 years, and it’s a small city that moves fast, and you have a lot of freedom to be creative, and explore. But over the years, and the older I have become, I started to miss something, I started to miss the nature, and the sense of being in the wild, and smelling fresh air.

The idea to Útilív came in 2015, while sitting on a school bench, day dreaming about climbing a mountain in the Faroe Islands. The idea was stuck in my head for 2 years, before finally talking to Ólavur about the idea, we found out that we both share the same hunger for adventure, and we were both seeking a new one. And Útilív is it. 




I've been skating since I was a kid, and so I've always spent a lot of time outside. My interest broadened over the years from being exclusively urban to exploring more of the natural landscape and its possibilities.

My attitude towards exploration and everyday adventure has always been somewhat DIY - building stuff that I just couldn't find at the shops. My brain is always tinkering with different possibilities, and approaches to the normal, and I never accept the status quo.

My reasons for starting Útilív with Michael, is a mixture of childhood dreams, adventure and my own personal interest in outdoor exploration both in an urban and natural landscape. 

My hopes for the shop is to build a community around exploration and outdoor activities with like-minded souls. Providing quality products that others can't provide and co-creating spaces for new and interesting ventures in outdoor activities.